• Bachelor Degree of Physical Education 2011
  • Korea Junior National Team -The winner of year 2006 to 2008 Korea University Group-Pro Competitive Track & Field in 100M + 200M Event
  • Seoul Federal Educational Officer, Faculty of Special Needs 2011
  • ACE certified Personal Trainer 2015
  • Steve Nash Sport Club and Fitness World Top Trainer Award 2016
  • Certified Agatsu Kettle Bell(Founder of Kettle bell Mobility Course) level 1 Trainer 2015
  • ACE certified Sport Nutrition Specialist 2017
  • Certified TRX Suspension Trainer 2017
  • Therapeutic Fascia Mobility Stretch Course completion 2017
  • Manual therapy technique course completion approved Approved for 6 hours of CEU content from the NATA and APTA of MA 2017
  • Steve Nash Trainer 2015 – 2017


"Just like everyone else, I have always been on several diet routines without the help of a professional. It was nothing, but a yo-yo diet. As a result, I gained more weight than before. Since I constantly failed to go on a diet, I was at the point where I would’ve given up. Then I decided to get some professional and knowledgeable support from a personal trainer, Ella. She first assessed me to figure out my current body status. Then, she planned out a work out routine and a proper diet that would benefit me the most.
I was struggling with a chronic knee, ankle and some neck pain. However, Ella began to help by starting a corrective exercise that helped grow muscles to support my knees and ankle joints. She also put in some metabolic demand workouts to help me with my strength and stamina without hurting my problematic joints.
It has been almost 6 months since I started training with Ella and the pain is all gone completely!!! I already broke the obesity stage and focus on increasing my fitness level to be fitter.
Ella’s biggest strength as a personal trainer is that, she doesn’t only seek for Clients’ sudden changes in terms of weights and looks. But she tries her best to change the clients life style to a healthy one so ,that truly, we could continue with our desirable life style. - Miji H.



"Ella has been more than just a personal trainer, but a huge support system as well. She would skillfully transition between giving me advice, and showing me tough love during my training sessions. She definitely pushed me beyond the limits, and improved my strength and overall fitness tremendously, all in a short period. I was able to perform exercises I would never have attempted on my own. Also everything that I thought was not essential really WAS! Listen to everything she says, and her dynamic, updated, and personalized level training style will keep you on your toes,. You will be more fit than you could ever imagine, from the core outwards. I do not regret one moment! Thank you for all the things you taught me, and helped me achieve." - Akapelwa S.



"I was over 210 pounds and still gaining weight in my twenties, it seemed like my life was getting more miserable. I was never “fit” or “healthy” as growing up. I was gaining more weight, my eczema gotten worst. I couldn’t sleep comfortable because I was scratching my skin all night. Not to mention my eating habit.
However, things starting to change after I met my trainer Ella. The end results? It totally changed me. Not only losing more than 28kg Fat mass, I gained a lot of knowledge about health. I try to cook everyday for my meals, and prep my meals so that I can have a balance diet. I still work a lot of hours every day, but I still maintain my health by not binge eating and exercise at least 4 times a week. It wasn’t an easy journey, but I was able to get through it. Every moment where I wanted to quit and stop, Ella encouraged me every single time. She taught me with easy but healthy meal to make and guided my overall nutrients. I cannot express how I am thankful to her. I hope that I can be in a healthier state than now, and help others with guiding their health. Thank you Ella! - Sarah K.



"When I came to work with Ella, I did not fully understand my body and how every part was connected. Ella generously and kindly showed me how the movements I was doing both inside and outside the gym impacted my body and overall health. Thanks to her, I became aware of my kinetic chains and was able to make positive adjustments to my form, posture, and even my attitude. I would recommend, and have recommended, training with Ella - she has helped improve my health, reduce aches & pains, and most importantly, become a friend." - Jasmin B.




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